We take care of you

    Dear guests,

    Our daily lives have changed, it’s true. But we all still long to travel and for a change of scenery. Having implemented our own independent security measures, we in South Tyrol are striving to offer a safe holiday experience. We have created more personal space for everyone, so that you’ll feel even more comfortable on your next stay. As carefree as possible. As safe as necessary!

    Carefree Dining:

    Families and those sharing the same room do not have to maintain the distance of 1 metre. Wearing a mask at the table is not required if the safe distancing of 1 metre is possible. Maintenance of safe distancing at meals – 1 meter from chair-back to chair-back – is guaranteed, though. Our service staff is equipped with the appropriate safety equipment. Use our “Gastfreund” app on your smartphone to retrieve the menu for the evening. 

    Flexibility – Down to the Smallest Detail:

    In order to allow for the greatest flexibility possible during your stay, we offer you the option of checking in and out on your own. You keep your room key with you for the entire stay. Contactless payment is recommended

    Safety for All:

    In order to ensure a carefree holiday, we provide plenty of means for disinfection, all over the grounds. Mouth-and-nose protection and other safety equipment is also available.

    Buffet: At the buffet we ask you to wear a mouthguard/cloth out of respect for you fellow human beings. Everyone who uses the buffet is obliged to disinfect  their hands 


    The disinfection of the hands before and after the use of the toilets is  obligatory

    Swimming pool and sauna:

    Upon entering the swimming pool, it is obligated to enter in the table provided.  In the whole wellness area, including the rest rooms except those that liv in the same household or are accommodated in the same room,  a minimum distance of two meters.  Before and after the use of the showers, we recommend using the specially  provided spray to disinfect the shower.  Please siton the loungers, as  well as in the sauna on your towel, to protect yourself. 

    More Heart Than Ever:

    Everything has changed, but we are still the same. Your satisfaction and a high level of quality remain our firm standards. Our staff is at your disposal anytime and will provide you with the best advice in every situation

    This winter the ski slopes are waiting for us!!! We can finally enjoythe snow-covered mountainsagain, admire the sunset from the summit and then ski down to the valley. A little break in the skihuts and then continue skiing until our legs can’t take it anymore. Winter in South Tyrol is all about safety.Here are the measures for a safe and carefree skiing holiday:›access to the ski areas is permitted with a Super Green Pass (vaccinated or recovered). For the closedlifts you need a FFP2 mask. A distance of 1 metremust be guaranteed
    If possible, you should buy your ski pass online. The lifts are sanitized frequently and a sufficient ventilation is guaranteed. Gondolas and cable cars are used to 80% capacity, chairlifts to 100% capacity (80% when the cupolais closed).Inrefreshment facilities apply the same safety regulations as in bars, restaurants and hotels (Super Green Pass). No Green Pass is required for children under 12. With the necessary safety measures, we warmly welcome you to enjoy winter in South Tyrol. https://www.suedtirol.info/en/experience/winter We look forward to welcoming you back to our slopes soon


    Buy your ticket online and skip the queue

    In order to make the purchase of the ski pass easier and
    more convenient, also this year, we provide the „HOTEL
    SKIPASS SERVICE”. The ski pass you are looking
    for can be purchased easily online at no additional cost,
    with payment by credit card. After making the payment,
    the program will generate a code that will be sent
    to the customer and to the booked accommodation.
    The host will collect the ski pass from the point of sell
    and deliver it to the customer at the hotel upon arrival.
    To ensure the timely transfer, the purchase online must be
    made at least 48 hours before arrival.
    For special discounts for families and promotional rates, it
    is necessary to contact the central sales offices. http://mydolomiti.dolomitisuperski.com/shop