Hiking & biking: Summer holidays in the Val Pusteria

Up the mountain and out into the airOn winding trails and alpine paths

“Above the clouds, freedom must be limitless (…) and then what seems big and important to us suddenly becomes insignificant and small.”, sings Reinhard Mey. A feeling that can not only be experienced on a plane, but also when hiking and biking in Val Pusteria: in the valley with so much natural beauty and high up, on the majestic peaks of our mountains …


From sleeping giants and natural treasures:

Hiking adventures & biking experiences

A couple enjoying the sunset on a blanket in the Dolomites - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

Sunrise and sunset tours

are pure magic in the mountains: the sky turns red-orange, the Alps glow and the sun goes on the move – a special moment, which you will never forget. Our local mountain, the Giogo d’Asta (also known as Postal, at 2,194 metres) and the Blonde-Leine-Alm (1,494 metres) are particularly suitable for tours of this kind.

Hiking trail in the Dolomites with two wooden huts and forest on the right and mountains in the background - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

Fine walking and hiking trails

… lay right on our doorstep:

  • The Kienberg: if you hike from Mantana to Ehrenberg over the Kienberg to the three crosses, you will be following legendary footsteps, as a sleeping giant is said to lie beneath the mountain ridge, which is better not to be woken up.
  • You experience a piece of history on the bunker hike: the “bunkers” that were built before the Second World War are now considered legacies and contemporary witnesses of that time. If you would like to take part in a bunker tour, please contact the tourist office.
  • Divine providence: a farmer once found the image of a wooden, black Mother of God on his field. Even though he took her home, over the next few days she kept disappearing and reappearing at the site. This led to the creation of the Maria Saalen pilgrimage church. To this day, it is a place of power with the Black Madonna, just 45 minutes from the hotel.
Cycle path in the Val Pusteria with two cyclists in the foreground and a building in the background - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Two cyclists in summer with a green meadow in the foreground and mountains in the background - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Two cyclists in the forest with wooden fence in the foreground - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

Bicycle paradise

… for cycling enthusiasts and all those who want to become one: a network of countless bicycle routes stretches across Val Pusteria for all different requirements. Whether it’s a leisurely ride there with the whole family, a sporty pedal up the mountain or having mercy on your calves and storming the summit on an e-bike – everything is possible. On the Pusterbike cycle path race as far as Campo Tures, take it fast and flowy and whizz down the downhill trails on the Plan de Corones or pedal into the idyllic Casies valley – your host Werner will be happy to share his insider tips with you.

Mansio Sebatum hiking trail in San Lorenzo with signpost in the foreground and sun between the trees in the background - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

Fun for families & children

… you can find it on (almost) every corner in San Lorenzo and the surrounding area. Cosy forest playgrounds, special themed trails and much more.

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A couple stands in front of a fence and looks at the earth pyramids of Perca - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Mountain landscape in summer with blue sky and green meadow in the foreground - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Bruneck Castle with trees in the foreground and mountains and town in the background - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Hiking trail in the Dolomites with two wooden huts and forest on the right and mountains in the background - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

Natural wonders

… Val Pusteria has a lot to offer – you just have to open your eyes:

  • Built stone on stone: over the course of world history and many millennia, there are probably quite a few curiosities that you can’t get enough of. This also includes the earth pyramids of Perchacolumnar structures, like gaunt little men, tower up, and they all wear a stone on their “head”. They are not the only ones of their kind in Val Pusteria, but that doesn’t change the fascination that the sight of them leaves visitors with.
  • The idyll of seclusion: in the Luson alpine meadows you can discover a special piece of the earth, the Glittnersee. The Sass de Putia is reflected in the water, swans make their rounds and a wooden ship has long since dropped its anchor. No wonder, you would want to stay here …
  • There is no sin on the mountain pasture: you can only see the impressive panoramic views over the Brunico basin and the mountain giants near and far on the Blonde-Leine-Alm. Strength is to be found in serenity, according to a saying, and this serenity is what you can find here.
  • On the trail of legends: even if there were no stories to tell, you would be safe here – you are walking on legendary paths. In the realm of the Fanes, in the Badia valley, past the legendary alpine meadows of the Kleinfanes, you will find Lake Limo. Your gaze can wander all around, over the landscape and well-known Dolomite peaks.

Alpenrose active service

  • Cycle path in front of the building
  • Put together your own packed lunch for your adventure (extra charge)
  • Refill drinking bottles at the fountain in the premises free of charge
  • Free rental of city and mountain bikes