The host, his values and the hotel in Val Pusteria

The best from then and nowDeep roots, modern spirit

Grandfather Gräber laid the foundations for a new beginning on a simple farm in 1945, in many ways, and for everything that was to come. From these humble beginnings, the Gasthaus Alpenrose blossomed into a popular meeting place – for travellers from near and far as well as for locals who come together here. 2006 was the turning point: the inn became the first and only “Inn hotel” in South Tyrol.

A place in which we open doors to the future in order to continue living tradition in a contemporary and natural style. Or in other words: giving the tried and tested a new charm and combining it with modern elements. By the way, we bear the name “Inn hotel” with pride because it by no means denotes a run-down dive bar. Instead you will find us as a down-to-earth hotel with charm and class*, with an ambience that warms the heart and soul, like our cosy fireplace corner on cold days.

*The crème de la crème of inn character.

Wooden wine cabinet - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Receptionist gives the guest information - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Three glasses of Prosecco on the wooden tables in the lobby - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Card game in the inn with a man in the background - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose The Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose from the outside in summer
Werner, the host, sits with his son on a chair on the terrace - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Host Astrid sits on the terrace with her two children - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose
Of character managers …

The Inn hotel is now run by the third generation of the host and all-rounder Werner. He doesn’t claim to be able to fulfil every wish – but he can almost. And he does it himself* and with personal commitment. After all, it’s not without reason that his motto is: “What doesn’t fit is made to fit!” Not only does he have being a host in his blood – as a cycling enthusiast he provides the best tips, as a wine connoisseur the best recommendations and as the go-to person for everything, he also takes care of all the rest. And then there are Astrid and our girls, who will be there to help and advise you at reception and ensure you have a wonderful holiday from arrival to departure.

*Only when the boss can’t fix it does a professional have to take over.
Sometimes the craftsman, sometimes Astrid.

… and favourite corners
Woman lying on a towel in the garden, a glass of Hugo next to her - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Three children play in the garden shed on the playground - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Sun loungers in the garden with trees and farm in the background - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Children swing and slide on the playground in the garden - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

If you want to start the day well,
you have to go to the garden

… rumour has it that host Werner’s talents also include green fingers. And actually, if you look at the large, well-kept garden you will see that the rumours are most likely true.
Equipped with deck chairs, seating, a playground and lots of green lawn it invites you to linger, relax, play and run around. By the way, in winter it is ideal for a snowball fight …
Men playing cards in the inn - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Card game in the inn with a man in the background - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

If you want to see real locals,
you have to go to the tavern

…an old saying goes, you have only really been to where you went on foot. That’s right, we think. But I would also like to add: and where you can “giwattn” with a local.
Watten, is something like – the slightly different and unofficial – regional sport of South Tyroleans.
It’s much more than just a card game. It’s something you really have to try. In the tavern you can also splendidly chat, linger and drink coffee …

Lobby with sofa and welcome drink - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

If you want to sit by the fire,
you have to go to the lobby

…our lobby is almost like a little holiday living room. You can read a book on the cosy sofa corner and watch the snow fall while the fire crackles in the fireplace, you can make plans for the next day – it’s just a perfect place to relax
Speckstube with black ceiling and wooden tables - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Table laid in the Speckstube with sausage, cheese and wine - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

If you are not averse to a glass of wine,
the Speckstube is ready for you

… because with sommelier Ilir and innkeeper Werner you can book a wine tasting.
Three wines are tasted, some delicacies are served and the whole spectacle is enjoyed in our Speckstube. And that is something very special. Of course there are other favourite corners too. This one for example. But also this. Oh and of course not forgetting here.