Inn with wine & bacon tastings in Mantana – South Tyrol

Stories from inn lifeIn friendly company

The local people like to sit here at the regulars’ table, on the terrace or in the Jägerstube. Laughter abounds and there is always good food. Browse through the daily newspaper, enjoy an espresso, play a game of “Watta”, meet old friends, drink an aperitif in a cosy atmosphere, spend time together – People come together here, as was once the case in the old village inns. Grandpa’s regulars’ table wisdom is in the air, as is the aroma of dishes from Grandma’s recipe book. From 7:00 to 24:00. In short: a place that has the potential to become your favourite.

Card game in the inn with a man in the background - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Barista serves the guest a coffee - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Woman enjoying a Hugo on the terrace - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

The innkeeper’s bar

… is public and is equally popular among locals and house guests.
In the morning meet in the pub for a chat, to play cards and have good coffee, in the afternoon enjoy a delicious cake or ice cream, also on the terrace, and in the evening enjoy an aperitif and digestive schnapps.

Inn with table setting and deer antlers on the wall - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Wooden tavern with antlers and taxidermied animals on the walls - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

The parlours

… live from the cosy ambience: they are the ones with a simple style, light wood and a rustic character, the perfect setting for moments of culinary enjoyment, festivals and celebrations. At lunchtime you can take a seat in the Wirtshausstube or in the Huiba room, and in the evening you can let yourself be pampered in the Maria room or in the Jägerstube.

Speckstube with black ceiling and wooden tables - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose Table laid in the Speckstube with sausage, cheese and wine - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

The Speckstube

… used to be a standard feature in almost every farm and every inn. In this so-called “Smoke kitchen”, in German “smokehouse”, an open fire was used for cooking, so that the smoke collected in the room and the walls became black with soot. In addition, they were also used as a storage location for ripening sides of bacon. As we are committed to tradition in our Inn hotel, Senior manager Helmut has fulfilled a long-cherished dream: his own bacon parlour with the traditional bread frames on the wall, in which we store our farmhouse bread, with soot-dyed (it’s only paint!) walls and rustic wooden tables, where you can enjoy a platter of bacon and a glass of wine in a friendly atmosphere.

The Speckstube is accessible from morning to evening and we also use it for wine tastings.

Two women clinking glasses of wine in the inn - Wirtshaushotel Alpenrose

The wine tastings

… are run by the sommeliers Werner and Ilir. They take place either in the cosy Speckstube or in the rustic Jägerstube. Three exquisite South Tyrolean wines are served from Werner’s secret reserve, plus there’s delicious bacon from local farmers and delicious cheese specialities directly from the gourmet bunker.

Wine tasting on request
Minimum number of participants: ten persons
Price: € 19.00 per person

Have you got something to celebrate?

Are you looking for a suitable location for your celebration? From birthdays, family and Christmas celebrations to conferences – you have come to the right place. There are 40 seats available in our Wirtsstube and 20 in the Jägerstube and Speckstube. Please contact us for further information!